On the road with Weston

I lost my business in the recession of 2008; The Big Three Automakers took me down with them (Detroit left skid-marks on my head). Refusing to give up after I found myself, divorced and alone, I ventured out to find my creative self -- a middle-aged man in crisis and a gamble: I did abstract paintings, experimenting with color, space, and shape. I wrote my first book and put my resourcefulness into high gear -- I took it on the road.

Failure’s not a bad thing. My home, business and all my worldly possessions were forgotten when I took my muse on a journey -- my books, artwork and wits and a need to find myself -- I had no idea what life would have in store, and snapped my rearview mirror off at the neck; took my life and faith and set out on the road to re-design America.

That was 57 months and 87,000 miles ago. As I traveled across America, new friends would buy my books and artwork and like me so well would invite me to their homes. Helping them hang my artwork, I would then notice poor interior design.  At first, I would offer to redesign these new friends’ living space and repurpose their furniture for free, however, then, after many OMGs; they paid me.

The change of life worked. Sometimes you have to bottom out, with no support, to think deep enough to know how to change. There is something to be said about desperation, it makes you creative -- it’s your butt if you don’t -- now, I teach creativity; too out-think your competition, create a new style, idea or unexpected design, and venture into the unknown.

Weston's Work

1918 frontier on watrercolor paper.jpg