Abstract Art

Blinded by Chrome

Another beloved Oldsmobile, a 1950 to be exact, painted acrylic on canvas, 2ft x 3ft---turquoise for as far as you can see.

Private collection

See’n Taillights

Acrylic on canvas, 4ft x 8ft and yes I know what you’re thinking; this guy does a lot to large paintings. Yeah, but I love large. Sometimes I think you cannot get the detail I want unless you go big---people that know me know that I love big cars and especially Oldsmobile---1957 Olds taillight. And yes, you guessed it, that’s a 1961 Olds 88 convertible reflected in the chrome. $3450.00

Lisa on Harley’s

Commissioned in 2001 ---2ft x 5ft acrylic on canvas---Lisa wanted an unusual piece that would encompass three things: Her dog mugzy, her Harley and her. We first had a photo session where I took some unique photos and we both agreed this one (with her reflection in the chrome air-breather of her bike) would make unique portrait---somewhat unflattering, but we both laughed when she said it made her breasts look large. I love it because it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

Made in America

4ft x 9ft---acrylic on canvas $6500.00 Can be seen on display at Northwood University in Michigan.If you read my bio, you know I have dedicated my life to the arts. I jokingly tell people, “If Salvador Dali was going to paint a car it would look like this.” Growing up in the Michigan with my father, a GM employee who worked in engineering at Oldsmobile signaled a natural desire within me to draw cars as a child: winning my first award for art at eight years old. Upset when GM closed down the Olds division I felt that I needed to communicate American Made History and Products in a creative way. This is a unique painting because it encompasses both early frontier America and a modern highway leading…somewhere, within this contemporary abstract setting.