Commercial Art

Pinch hitter... pinching pennies.

Saving money is my forte. Using PR and other special strategies to communicate a new idea, saving advertising and direct mail expense, is imperative in today's competitive world. 80% of all advertising is disregarded and ineffective; it takes years of experience to know what will, and will not work. One person replacing five: With one swing of the bat this pinch-hitter can save money, just by diversification alone; I am a complete advertising agency on two feet.

With very little money you can get started; my comprehensive online overview: $200.00 You will get a two hour online critique of your business, name, logo, including advertising campaign ideas.

Name and logo campaign for new startups and older firms looking to enhance what they have.
This process includes three stages of ‘Unique Logo Design Concepts’. Choose designs from my rough layouts and image enhancements, an award winning art director with over 30 years experience.
1 Revision
No Clipart Used
Full Copyright
Price $900.00

Complete overall review of your company image on site: $2000.00
This includes a personal visit from me, not including transportation, to your location. It’s a one day crash course using my entrepreneurs’ visionary program. I will assess your complete image, interior design, name, logo, advertising campaign---no matter what endeavor, restaurant, contractor, retailer, large, old, or new startup, I will give you perspective from outside the box, and instruct how to improve and be more creative. The result is that ideas are no longer in short supply, and no longer a differentiator in competition.

Annual contract for complete advertising agency campaigns: To be Quoted…
I have over 30 years experience in business, and with new startups. Let me help you visualize this enterprising creativity uniquely applied to different clients of all sizes and across all industries. If you can see the future I think you have me pretty well defined.

Below is my gallery of work, Old and new.