Commissions, Portraits and Corporate Art

Individual portraits or custom corporate artwork using the shadowbox style

Looking to celebrate a special event, or anniversary, or a need to update your facility and want to tell your story in a unique way (using your newspapers and memorabilia, or choosing from our collection of 3000 newspapers, and vast antiques), no one can do a portrait like Weston. He has 46 years experience in art and 16 years as a two time national award winning commercial artist - doing professional art for GM, to Holiday Inn - and can enhance your lobby with museum quality art that will gently show your companies experience.



2ft x 5ft acrylic and pastel, on newspaper, on canvas. This is my favorite picture of John Kennedy, he just happens to be with his brother. The assassination of Presided Kennedy is the most saved newspaper in history---I have at least 25 newspapers in my own collection. Deviating from the expected, I instead focused on his life---I used several newspapers featuring his life including, the inauguration. The Kennedy brothers represented the people, in my view---so, I grew humanity out from their images which eventually transform into common pallbearers carrying his last know photo before his death. SOLD---$2500.00

Theory of Relativity

Acrylic on canvas abstract, 4ft x5ft---I always get asked; so what painting do you like best, well there are some paintings I hate to let go. I love this painting and it will be hard to see it leave when it sells---This is my Einstein Madness---and no, I don't do drugs, I was born with this, crazy, imagination, I can't help it. $7900.00

James Dean’ ish

Watercolor on board, 10” x 12” yes inches, a small painting for me. I will not sell this painting because I did this at the age of 20, in college. Again a car and again an Oldsmobile. This is available as a print, (as almost all of my art) that I can embellish with real life brush strokes and or compile a custom cool collage---one of my best sellers, by the way.

Original is part of my personal collection

Feeling 55

22” x 30” acrylic on canvas. This painting dose exactly what I wanted it to do, it takes me back to my grandmothers neighborhood, too the 1950’s---I love the 50’s. This painting means so much to me because I painted it from memory---I had no photo reference when producing this painting---these people and that car and that neighborhood do not exist in any way but in my head. This painting was so difficult that I, put it away and pulled it out, over 20 years, and just finished it. Not many artists will try this, not to mention, it takes place at night, with people and with a vehicle, two of the most difficult things to paint and I will never do another painting without photo source again, ever! That said, this is a rare painting. I have sold several prints of this already. $2790.00