Fine Art

After The Show

It’s hard to tell by looking at this picture but this painting is 4 feet x 9feet---it was bought by a guy from Chicago, I think that is where it is now. Acrylic on canvas, framed. This is my most successful painting to date with many prints being sold of all sizes---this painting, prints amazing, you cannot tell it from the original. $5000.00---Sold


3ft x 4ft Acrylic and pastels on newsprint---real stories from the 60’s on the Beatles, Stones, Monkeys, and heartthrobs from that time. This is the second time I have used this style in my life. In 1971 I designed and help paint a mural on the band room wall of my high school---Grand Ledge High, in Michigan.  $2690.00


The 1930’s were killer here in this rare and real newspaper, that makes this 2ft x 3ft, acrylic and pastel, on newsprint on canvas, a real killer of a piece. The Lady in Red is the focal point but I love the 1930 Duisenberg. Sorry for the poor picture quality but this painting is up in a gallery in Michigan and I do not have access to it. $1995.00

Flying High

This 4ft x 5ft painting on real newsprint of the Wright Brothers breaking a world record---the first plane to reach 4000 feet---combines airbrush and pastels and acrylics. I love the oval of Orville---and his brother Wilbur. $1500.00

Collage: 1950's Cool

I will custom design an affordable collage using prints of any of my art and real memorabilia---newspapers, magazines, money, antiques, from any given decade. I have over 3000 newspapers and magazines in my collection and many antiques.
This example called '1950's at Night' is 18" x 24" $390.00

America Celebrates

5ft x 9ft Acrylic, on 1950’s Newsprint, on Canvas

As I grew older I became upset with the decline of the Middle Class here in our country and felt that I needed to communicate American Made History in a creative way. I experimented with using newspapers mixed in with my period illustrations and then matched the decade with memorabilia. Not long after that a light bulb lit and I thought, why don’t I actually use newspapers as my canvas? This painting was the very first painting using this new method. This style is unique to me because it encompasses period art with period newsprint, within a modern abstract setting.

Asking $10.000