Furniture and Themed Interior Design

Let me repurpose a family airloom, design a room inside or outside your home or business – Entryway, Entertainment Room, Deck, Bar, Bedroom or Mancave – that tells a story.

Sexy Veronica

25” x 56” x 14” tall, acrylic over comic book finished with a UV clear coat. Fun is the optimum word here folks. Just think the conversations you can have with friends when you have a party in your fun room with this table as the focus.

Signed top and bottom: $830.00

Everyone Needs Help

2’ x 4’ x 18” tall, acrylic illustrated over authentic magazine stories, about the Fab-Four, going back to their childhood days, coated with special high-grade UV clear coat. The sides are dark gray Formica with acrylic stripes covered with a thick glass top for protection. This table took a long time to build and therefore I will not do another one like this one---the color stripes I love but were very laborious. However I love it so much I did think about keeping this one for myself. This would look so jam in someone’s mancave or themed party room.

The newsprint alone on this one is will over 100 and other costs involved make this a good deal at this price: $2100.00

Small Measure

22" x 26" illustrated with handmade color dies on oak---completely restored to a new piece of artwork. Has an early American / Art Deco feel to it. This design and these colors should go with most interiors.

Signed and dated: $495.00

Jekyll & Hyde

26" x 15" pastel and stain on antique wood. Talk about Punked-up: The guy on the left is me in the morning when I look in my cupboard and then remember I forgot to buy coffee... a great piece that will surely start conversation.

Wall hanging: $650.00

Table version: $690.00

Without mirror, deduct $100.00

Old Ironsides Retromod

200 year old rocking chair—18”wide x 4’ tall x 20”deep---retromod design mixing old with new---I love making old look modern with abstract. This piece of furniture was so important back in the day that when it broke the owners couldn’t afford to just thrown it out, or replaced with new, it had to be fixed. If you look close you can see handmade metal braces on each side added to support the wood, which kept breaking. The original finish remains with just a few touch-ups.

Signed and dated artwork: 395.00


4’ long x 2’ wide 18” tall acrylic on 1920’s newsprint coated with four layers of clear. I have to say that this piece has created more of a stir than anything I have created in a while. Notice the Chisterfield ad on the right side of the top. The pinnacle of furniture that tells a story, this one tells multiple ones on so many levels.

Signed on the front artwork and can also be personalized underneath to the customer. If you live on the water I don’t know how you can live without this: $1500.00