Up-Cycled ShadowBox

“Up-Cycled ShadowBox”

repurposed reinvented one-off art -- a new process for doing a portrait that I have championed over the years.

Each piece is a one off utilizing something that is being re-invented. The prospect of pulling things out of the closet giving something a whole new life is exciting and somehow regenerating. Universities, corporations, famous people, and athletes---I can produce a unique piece, a parsing portrayal of our complex life, transforming any person place or thing, with period art on period newsprint and whimsical framing---using furniture and memorabilia that also matches the decade. For instance: WWII, civil war, Lindbergh and or shadowboxes targeted for individual career groups like; hair salons, sports, automotive, locomotive and so on...

Please ask about custom portraits and artwork that tell a story.

Worlds Largest Shadowbox

Commission this traveling time capsule.

Weston is the world’s fore-most shadowbox artist and has designed a life-size world record piece of art called; ‘100 Years Exhibition’ pictured here. 'From 1865 the day the civil war ended, to the psychedelic era of the 1960’s, this world record art is showing 100 years of history in a very unique way---12 feet high and 26 feet long--- period art over period newsprint framed in up-cycled furniture---ten decades of art and history and changes in furniture design with real life-size antique memorabilia’. Over 500,000 people have seen this artwork and all agree, it is a museum quality piece that takes people back in time. Traveling with his art for over five years has taught him many things, people love this art like nothing he has ever done and, that it’s fun to teach children, and remind adults, where we came from. Contact us for a quote, we would love to schedule a special event featuring ‘100 Years Exhibition’ that would also include a speaking event where Weston will talk about what it feels like to take a chance and live your life dream.

100 Years

It took 13 months to complete this project---research, design, illustrate and build 100 YEARS. But it took 46 years to develop a new style never tried before. People walk up to my art, then make a double take, turn and look back. “Yes, they really are authentic newspapers for that decade.” I am the first artist on record to paint period art over period newsprint, wrapped in history creating portraits that are totally unique, art that tells a story.

I love history and want to remind citizens, and inform the young, of the heritage that we Americans have fought for---taking everyone back in time with art and with real memorabilia. I have now found a way to put all that I love into one format.

Capturing the beauty and fun of 100 YEARS in one photo is difficult because of its size. We ask that you contact us if you would like to see and learn more. A video of the exhibition is available, which is the next best thing to seeing it in person. To get a better idea of the excitement of period art over period newsprint we have included more close up pictures of 100 YEARS, including below left, notice the one of a kind painted mirror, etched from behind, removing the silver, and then back-lit. That’s Weston bellow, showing just a few of the tens-of-thousands of viewers who have enjoyed this time machine of art.



A unique portrait of Lincoln

Acrylic on ceiling tin, 9’ x 6’ piece, painted on a real newspaper of Lincoln’s death, and 200 year old ceiling tin, framed with an antique bed frame and finally I bring Abe back to life with a hologram---matching the very old (200 years old) with the new, (the latest in electronics) too the extreme---if you look closely you can see the ghost of Lincoln floating at the top of this art.

This is a very unique technique for a portrait of Lincoln, (or anyone) a man that I greatly respect. He changed the world. He knew he could be killed because of what he believed and we all know what happened---he gave his life for justice. He was not concern with his own personal status---he knew his own individual problems are but a mere spec on the map of the world’s problems. People had humans chained up in sheds behind their homes---can you imagine---he saw the madness and new America could not graduate to modern life without change.

Contact us for a quote to lease this artwork for your gallery or museum or corporate event.

The ground will rise, your bed and all your profound belongings will soar, within this whimsical dream painting---1890 bed frame, antique bubble glass picture frame shadowbox, including period newspaper obituary---acrylic on canvas 74” x 46”  $3575.00


Civil in America

The original painting was sold to a woman in Utah in 2012. Pictured here is a print---part of which is hand painted---that can be purchased separately for $500.00 The frame which looks to be hand-carved, that directly raps the art-print, is around 100 years old, maybe more, and I paid $200.00 for it 30 years ago---yes I have had it that long. The furniture frame is a mix of federal style furniture from somewhere around 1860's and the collectible shadowbox, all real Civil War---belt buckle, bullets, eating utensils’, field glasses, tintype photo, war bond and more… has a value of around $1000.00 So, that said, I would sell the complete frame shadowbox and print for $2000.00 This is a one-of-a-kind frame I don't think there is anything like it anywhere, there is nothing like seeing it in person, its 31" wide and 67" long. It's the first painting that gave me the idea of matching period art with period newsprint with period furniture design.

World Changer

48" wide and 57" tall painted on real newspapers from WWII

A pic of the frame, made of 1940's furniture, shows a look, that's like a bombed out Germany---I even char'd the top---burning some of the wood too look like a burned out city. Yes, that is real stained glass and yes, the clock works.

Painting alone $1995.00 Painting and frame, $3995.00

Elvis is in the House

I will up-cycle most anything, but especially a piece like this art, constructed using a real 1956 TV and, photo and airbrushing. The epitome of a shadowbox wouldn't you say. $525.00
Ask me for a quote for a custom piece using this style.

1950's Chevy Dream'n

A 1950's theme leads the eye from one painting to the next. Buy this one-of-a-kind lifesize collage shadowbox with prints for $2690.00 and real antiques and period furniture or, purchase with actual authentic artwork for $5950.00 This art commands a room, use it as a design anchor--- 9.5ft wide x 6.5ft tall
Keep in mind that I will also custom design a theme piece like this using my art and your memorabilia---ask for a quote.


This railroad art shows original newspapers from 1869 reporting on the first transcontinental railroad linking New York and California for the first time. Close-up of this art shows how easy it is to see the original newspapers.    $1900.00 includes the authentic antique toy train shadowbox.