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Marathon Tools

Marathon Tools sells for $99.00 USD with a shipping/handling fee of $30 (ships USPS Priority Mail). Click on the button below to purchase the book securely through PayPal.



Things perceived as hardships comprise the marathon of tools to overcome our adversities.


Throughout life people will testify that survival is a marathon of sorts. It takes experience to create the tools needed to try to change life; it takes even that much more to achieve victory from within... self-gratification. How do we identify and achieve our role in life and how do we locate "that person" who is supposed to witness it? Ted Vance, middle-aged man, had a hard time admitting he was losing the battle, leaving him feeling short-changed in evaluating his own worth. Never judge a man by his wallet, judge him by his heart, and his will to laugh at the madness. Ted is a combustion chamber of aspiration... the kind of energy that starts the next-door neighbor’s house on fire.


Refusing to give up after he found himself divorced and alone, he ventures onto the Internet dating scene, and goes on several hilarious bad dates: The ship is going down, and there's no one at the helm. Meanwhile, by accident , he meets up with a woman who harbors a huge secret. She convinces him to come over to her apartment spontaneously; she needed friends and will do anything to meet them.


Ted experiences a minute-by-minute account of the horror she lived through. These events lead the readers to the first of many surprises that smack them right between the eyes! You have to read it, to see why everyone feels this would make a great motion picture, with a hands-down academy nomination for a female part. There are many unpredictable events within the pages of this love story, a very different, romantic story, with one of the best endings you will ever read.


American Celebrations

American Celebrations sells for $99.00 USD with a shipping/handling fee of $30 (ships USPS Priority Mail). Click on the button below to purchase the book securely through PayPal.

Make sure you chose which of the 5 book series you want. Custom made so that the cover can detach and hang on the wall. See examples left, of size (11x17) and quality, but also note, each book is a different piece of art.


Book Series

Five decades of change in America

From 1960’s Rock and Roll to homelessness to creative bliss. Weston made it to the top and lost everything, twice. Reinvent yourself like he did—here is his life story.


Weston’s journey from a loser to a winner is here in your hands, within this new style of book, The Self Help Novel. Get ready to be entertained and at the same time experience how he found his dream. From success to homelessness to recovery, now is the time to take you on a voyage into his crazy world, starting at childhood—the psychedelic 1960’s. A funny and humorous story enjoyed by anyone, an enormous comeback example for those who have lost big too then triumph; the story of the Workingman’s Author: ‘The Blue-Collar Street Writer.’


What was America like then, and what it’s like now, in our modern life? Analyze the changes as Weston exposes how he lived it (business owner, artist, writer, whistle blower, risk taker and father), his hilarious mistakes and his devastating losses. He has reinvented himself three times, now he is where he should be and, with a story that will help others find their way. Just a short time ago he never would have thought he would be an artist, writer and motivational speaker. As he continues this cathartic experience his takeaway is this: Sometimes failure is God telling us to change. Now he lives the dream.


Read. Learn. Think. Change…



Weston receives letters consistently and below are just a few examples:


Weston has excellent knowledge of business operations, is an outstanding leader and one of the most creative and inspirational people I have had the pleasure of knowing.

Bob was with another company when working with Weston at Creative Business Center

Bob Byrne Customer Service at UPS


January 24, 2015

Weston is a passionate artist and writer with a unique vision and a desire to see others excel.

Loring Wirbel Blog manager, FPGA Gurus, Loring worked with Weston at Weston Rayfield


Marathon Tools !!!!! AWESOME...Raw fiction with a modern day twist of everything that consumes us...the journey of a man, spiraling up and down in his life, never loosing faith...and a true romance that endears us and grips the reader to the very last word !!!! *****

Lakeside Laura, The Lakesider journal, Ohio 



Hello Weston, I’m not an avid reader, especially fiction, but Marathon Tools gave me what most of us crave, feelings. A hell of a romantic story, I couldn’t help but like Ted…….and Heather. It makes you want to know them. When a book gives you something to really think about,----Publishers-Edit----and gives you hope, how can it be anything but special. The book made me laugh and cry……and think. It touched my heart especially the ending.

Vinnie Loper, West Palm Beach FL


One of the most effective educational tools I’ve read about domestic abuse, divorce and child custody. It was pretty scary, and complex in the beginning. but important to know. I would definitely recommend Marathon Tools to anyone, including those who are getting, or thinking about divorce with children involved.

Tools are definitely needed in the marathon of life.

This book is worth it just for the ending.

Tracie Waight, Hornell NY


Hi Weston,

The conclusion of this book changed my perspective on the life we live

This is a must read for anyone considering marriage or divorce! Or anyone who just wants a good read. Loved following Ted through his trials and tribulations of life.

Could not put the book down, I am telling my friends to get their copy now.

I look forward to meeting you someday, maybe a book signing in my town.

Julie Cooke


On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 11:04 AM

I purchased the book at Fisherman’s Village in Punta Gorda, FL.  You were kind enough to visit with me for a few minutes.  I agree everyone does have their Marathon. The story line on that book was fantastic and the ending was great!  You are talented.......keep writing..... I rank your talent right up there with some of the more popular writers of today such as James Patterson, Robert Parker, etc.

Take care.......Carolyn


On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 4:25 PM, Smith, Cheryl wrote:

Hello Weston
I like Ted’s reliance on God while also being honest about love and humanity. Your writing reflects your command of the paintbrush seeking and finding the possibilities, in life, and canvas.

Congratulations Weston! I look forward to your next book. Fully
enjoyed this!

Cheryl A. Smith
Art Director, Northwood University


Hand delivered letter received on: 1.6.11

Bruce Gilmore, Grand Rapids, Mi.

I met you at ArtPrize, your art drew me in and then I saw your book. I almost walked away and then changed my mind and bought a copy.

Your insight into our unjust court system is what intrigued me. In addition, the special and engaging enounces that kept popping up throughout your book reminded me of raw and gritty content from past writers, from years ago, rare and funny, real life.

Thanks Bruce



Alice, Grand Rapids Michigan

Your book surprised me, very well written my friend. I am a retired librarian who is given books on a daily bases, as this one was. Your creativity is paramount---very good job.



On Thu, Dec 16, 2010 at 8:58 AM, Susan Smith wrote:

Susan Kay Smith, Grand Rapids Michigan

Good reading! I so enjoy your ability to capture the character and his/her view of our world. Goes without saying that the prose in Marathon is thought provoking.

Thanks Susan



Rochelle Richmond 10-2-10

Hello Weston, Butch and I met you at Art Prize in Grand Rapids, and purchased your book. Wow! I just finished it and it was the BEST book I have ever read. I couldn't stop reading. Everthing you told me it was and more. Oh my, the internet dating part hit right home with me and WOW have I got stories about that. Been there done that thing.. I laughed so hard and at times couldn't quit and cried as well and it left me with such a great feeling. Now I will pass it to Butch and many more. I have people waiting in line to read it but I said they need to have their own copy. I do agree it needs to become a movie. Let me know if it does.

Thank you for taking your time that you did talking with us. We really enjoyed it. Wishing you more great inspirations in your life.

Hope ARTPRIZE is going well for you. Oh, I did vote for you..

Have a Sunshine Filled Day!

Blessing, Rochelle Richmond



Laura Lustek Stinchcomb Lakeside Laura, The Lakesider journal, Ohio 8-18-2010

Marathon Tools !!!!! AWESOME...Raw fiction with a modern day twist of everything that consumes us...the journey of a man, spiraling up and down in his life, never loosing faith...and a true romance that endears us and grips the reader to the very last word !!!! *****



Carolyn Anglin to me

Mar 29

Good morning.....I purchased the book at Fisherman’s Village in Punta Gorda, FL. You were kind enough to visit with me for a few minutes. I agree everyone does have their Marathon.

The story line on that book was fantastic and the ending was great! You are talented.......keep writing..... I rank your talent right up there with some of the more popular writers of today such as James Patterson, Robert Parker, etc.

I will keep my eyes open for your next book. Take care.......Carolyn


Reply Denise Rhode to me

Mar 8

Marathon Tools is a very personal heartfelt work of art.

Yours’ truly Denise, Novi Michigan.



"Marathon Tools is an incredible book!"

Yreva Moore, Battle Creek, Michigan.



Hand delivered note 12-05-09

"I bought your book at Gallery 105 in Marshall, Michigan and had to write you. This is one of the best books I have ever read!"

Nancy Morton




I loved your book...I would definitely share something formal on your web site!

Thought...ladies clubs, garden clubs & there are now many book clubs out there. Google it!

I hope and pray for your success as an author and also an artist! You are so talented and what strength it takes to step out and hit the road...it is so much fun!!! Enjoy the journey!

~ Jennifer Miller Blakeman

Toledo Ohio



Dear Weston,

Marathon Tools is one of the best books I have ever read. Heather is a great and courageous woman, may God bless her in all she does.

The ending was so unexpected but fitting. Please keep writing, you are great at what you do. I feel you have a movie in this one.

I am looking forward to your next book. May God bless you in all you do!

Lynnette LaVancher

St. Augustine Florida



Diane Reck, Grand Ledge Michigan

It’s 1:00 am, and I just finished Marathon Tools, once you start reading it, you don’t want to put it down, expect that it will keep you up at night wanting to read and read and read. So entertaining; it took me away to a different place drawing me into the story so much, that it made me unaware of any outside stimulus. I can honestly say that I think there will be many of us who have read Marathon Tools, who will be waiting for Weston’s next book to read. I know I will.

Thanks, Diane


Doris Shoemaker, Dublin Ohio

Weston’s mother gave me a copy of his book, because, in her words, 'my house is like a library.' So she wanted to know what I thought. I called Weston when I finished his book, surprising him, he just doesn’t know me well and had no idea why I was calling him, I told him: "Kid, you can write."

I believe this story could, and should, be made into a movie!



Sandy M. from Michigan:

Wow! This story is totally unpredictable. I know I am one of the very few who have read both The Limo Driver, and Marathon Tools. We used to share the same neighborhood, but only knew Weston on a casual neighbor type of relationship. He asked me to be a test reader for his books, because I read so much, so I said yes. I wasn't expecting much. Now I am having Weston withdrawals, he needs to write another book!

J. Conrad, published writer and poet from Canada

"Marathon Tools, has one of the best endings I have ever read. How did he think of that ending?"


Dear Weston,

I just finished reading Marathon Tools and after a slow start, it turned into a real page-turner. The ending was totally unexpected, **SPOILER EDITED*** I see no other way of ending the book without getting into sappy romance novel mode. The character Ted lives through the darkest part of his life, but takes advantage of the darkness to search the stars. The struggle with his ex-wife, FOC, and the courts; from his point of view should be mandatory reading for every couple contemplating divorce. We read so much about "dead-beat dads", but never about the ones who truly want to be there for their children and be a father in every sense of the word. The fact that Ted never lost his faith in God, through all his trials and tribulations is indeed a miracle. Ted's "dating" episodes are hysterical and real. Heather is a character that immediately gets into your heart and instead of feeling sympathy for her; you feel her great strength and will power to overcome her challenges and disabilities.

This would make an excellent movie, but under what genre, comedy, tragedy, documentary, drama? If you do get a movie offer, don't let anyone change anything to fit a script, it is great just as you wrote it.

I am recommending this book to my book club. Just one thing; yes, you were right that there are some mistakes in this first printing, but the contents more than offset them. Please keep writing more books, you have a gift that should be shared.

It was a true pleasure meeting you at the Lazy Gecko in Key West watching the Spartans play basketball.

--Karen Fickies


LoringWirbel, Boulder Colorado, published writer and editor for over 25 years:

"A funny but honest and heart-felt tale of relationships in the 21st century.Rayfield has an intuitive sense of presence and timing that yields a story that stays with the reader."


Gary Lee, Orlando Florida

You really have found a new genre for romance. The poetry stands alone as some of the best I have read




Thank God I had bought your book because I was on the flight from hell getting back to Wisconsin from Naples. I have never written an author before. This was the first time in my life I read a book cover to cover in less than one day. I could not put it down, the book blew me away.

--Greg Pellot


I finished your book this morning....I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents with me. It is a wonderful story with a wonderful message to share.



I finished the book. WOW! Is all that I'm going to say. I have lots of questions and comments.

--Julie Green


I finished reading Marathon Tools. Great job! To be honest, I had to adjust to your unique writing style in the beginning of the book, but once I got past that, I became very engrossed in the story.

--Tana Boehm


We met at your book signing in Howell Michigan. I loved your book, it is very well written, descriptive, and the character's voice/situations sounds just like you!!!?? Hmmm... Sounds partly fictional/nonfictional - am I right? My mom and sister have both read it too and enjoyed it.



I finished your book, Marathon Tools. Very good ending! I really like the mystery of not knowing **SPOILER EDITED*** It opens up discussion for readers. Could lead into another book.... a cool detective. I also like that Ted is now in Heathers **SPOILER EDITED*** Another full circle of situations, along with the dream.

I agree about its potential to become a box office hit. So many people are divorced, or going through it or have a loved one going through it. People like what they can relate to and sadly, many would see themselves as, at least, one of these characters.