On the Road

To dream and to "go for it…”


Refusing to give up after I found myself bankrupt, divorced and alone, I ventured out to find my creative self. I was a middle aged man in crisis and in a gamble: I did abstract paintings, experimenting with color, space and shape. I wrote my first book. I decided to put my resourcefulness into high gear -- I took it on the road.

Failure is not always a bad thing. I gave up my house, my business and all my worldly possessions. I went on a journey with my books, my artwork and my wits. I had no idea what life would have in store for me. I took my rearview mirror, snapped it off at the neck, took my life and faith and set out on the road to re-design America. That was 49 months and 57,000 miles ago. I have been everywhere from Mackinac Island, to Key West Florida.

Now I am back, and the change of life worked. Sometimes you have to be at the bottom without any support to make you think deep enough. There is something to be said about desperation, it makes you creative. You’d better get creative, or it’s your ass. Now, I am ready to teach you to be more creative, to out think your competition, create a new style, idea or product, and venture into the unknown. I am here to help you.