Speaking of Weston:

Multi rover.

Consider me your rover, covering the field, ready to play any position and go where the team needs me at any given time. I have directed and written TV and radio advertising; designed and printed multi colored brochures, helped develop web sites, and written books. I have managed people and held fast to an operating budget, wrote business plans and managed film projects. Teaching people to be more creative, in business, as entrepreneurs, and in life, is my expertise. It’s about the journey and finding your way, ‘going for it’, your dreams, and what that feels like---it feels great. I would be glad to add to your event with the art of communication.

Here are some testimonials, of all kinds, writing, art and speaking.

Bob Byrne Customer Service at UPS - January 25, 2013

Weston has excellent knowledge of business operations, is an outstanding leader and one of the most creative and inspirational people I have had the pleasure of knowing.  Bob was with another company when working with Weston at Creative Business Center.

Michele Schuchman - January 24, 2013

President at all about my time now

What I love about Weston is his powerful motivation to change perceptions and think outside of the box. He uses his life story as a power tool to inspire other to live without fear .He will always be a person to trust.

Michele was a consultant / contractor who has worked with Weston at Weston Rayfield

Loring Wirbel Blog manager, FPGA Gurus - January 24, 2013

Weston is a passionate artist and writer with a unique vision and a desire to see others excel. Loring worked with Weston at Weston Rayfield.

Renee Marie Smith Esq. Board Chair: Women With Access Representative at NAWRB - January 21, 2013

Can't go wrong working with Weston.  Renee Marie was with another company when working with Weston at Weston Rayfield.

Terri Siefker - January 18, 2013


Michael Claren Digital Artist, Photographer & Video Editor - January, 2013

Weston is an incredibly creative master of his craft! His work is very professional and well thought out. An amazing artist! I love his work!  Michael worked directly with Weston at Weston Rayfield.

Dawn Haberkamp Randall - January 18, 2013


Susan Smith Contract Manager/Planner at network180 - January 17, 2013

Has a great vision and wonderful eye for details be it in his art work or his interior design, He renovated most of my house and it is spectacular!  Susan was Weston's client.

Cindy Taylor - January 17, 2013

What a treat to be able to view the piece on video. It' the next best thing to being there. Just an incredible work! Bravo!!

Susan Kay Smith - January 17 2013

It's fun to see the whole display. The video shows the depth of the work. My favorite is Lindberg tied with the fighter planes and Dillinger. What are yours?

Linda Dyer Kennedy - January 17, 2013


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